Betty Oops! Things you’re doing wrong in the seduction game.



Ever sat down and wondered why every time you plan out your seduction to a tea-things don’t go as well as you would have hoped? Or maybe you spent hours on the internet trying to buy lingerie online in Canada and then once you got it, it just didn’t look as good as it had on the model, or just not having the same general effect you were hoping for?

Believe it or not, that’s a pretty common occurrence. Many of us have tried and failed to be the betty boop or Jessica rabbit of the story turns out wearing sexy lingerie is not the golden key people make it out to be. The truth is no matter how good or bad we look there are little things that make all the difference. Here are some simple mistakes you are making in your seduction game.


Buying the wrong size! When shopping for erotic lingerie in Canada, whether you are wearing corsets or bodysuit lingerie getting and wearing them in the wrong size is a big no! sizing is a very important component of wearing any outfit, its what ensures that the right curves are being highlighted and the right areas are hidden. Wearing a size too small not only leaves you feeling uncomfortable but also creates a bursting effect-not at all attractive! Wearing a size too large leaves you looking drab and depending on the item in question like you are drowning.

Talking too much or too little. I know it is a little crazy and ambiguous to expect people to hit the right mark so here are a few pointers. Talk about consent, share your excitement and restrain everything else can be left unsaid.

Incorporating fetishes or things that are not crosschecked with your partner. Before you decide you want to dress up like a madam or sub with a ball and chain, or as a Lolita to seduce your partner. Bring it up in conversation, ensure that they are open to exploring this. while surprises can be an exciting element there are ways to ensure their interest without giving up your plans.

Not being confident. Confidence is sexy, regardless of what you wear and how long it took you to buy a certain item, not owning your sexuality and awesome traits in it will not only leave you feeling uncomfortable but also your partner who will likely feel more inclined to make you feel good about your look than actually enjoy it.

Self-love and confidence is very important, not just for the sake of turning on your partner but also for a more healthy lifestyle.

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