Lanas’ adventures


Lana walked to work that day with a new sense of purpose, she listened as the heel of her stilettos met the pavement in a clanking sound, each step she took made her a little more nervous but also excited to face the day ahead. She had woken up on a morning just like this and decided to take this course and every step and plan she had made for the last three months had led up to today.

Today she would finally get Marc to notice her or know her in the biblical sense. She chuckled to herself at the thought. She stopped in front of the window to look at her reflection, she looked hot! She’d worn a red velvet sleeve blouse with a neckline that cut into a deep cleavage, she’d worn it over a tight fitted skirt with a single cut that ran up to the very edge of her bottom. She knew it was scandalous if she bent anyone would see exactly what she’d worn underneath and she’d bought sexy lingerie red lingerie just for that purpose.

“Morning!” she said in a sing-song voice as she opened the door, “Morn-” Stepping into the office she smiled when she noticed that her attire had caught his attention, good. This was going to be a good day. He coughed and caught himself, “Morning Lana, how are you doing today?” he finally said. She smiled simply taking her seat at her desk which was positioned opposite him in the smaller office they shared.

They both worked for a smaller law firm with only two other co-workers, their secretary, and boss, and as both were gone for the day on a business trip they would be alone. “oh, just dandy. Something about the air today.” She lulled again, this time leaning forward to give him a better look at her cleavage.

Hours later, she stood in the tiny corner of the room where the copier was located next to the other electronic machines, “Hey marc, could you help me with this?” forever a gentleman he nodded, standing he made his way over to her, there was little space for the both of them to fit in the corner so he adjusted his stance to let her pass. Doing her best to sneak pass, she got caught by the machine, that was not part of her plan, the skirt had cost a pretty penny, and seduction or not, she wouldn’t let it be ruined. “I’m stuck.”


“I’m stuck, my skirt is caught in the hook,” he nodded ruefully, bending slowly he began to unhook her skirt from the machine, she blushed, when his hands inevitably rubbed over her butt but instead of stopping, he continued to rub on her, snaking his hand over her thighs and between her sensitive spot, his fingers made quick work of getting through the material of her lingerie, rubbing and pinching, he slipped one finger in, she couldn’t fight the moan that escaped her.

He continued to run for a few seconds and then he stopped, “Lana?” his voice was hoarse


“The skirt is free now.” He replied simply before walking away. Staring dazed into the air, she couldn’t tell which one of them had been seduced.

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